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TS3 Nickname in use whe startup.


I get the problem  that when i restart the Musicbot that its tells me it cant set the Name to "Bot" and names it "Bot2". The Bot cant set the Name to "Bot" because its already named "Bot" so it changes the Name to "Bot2" and i have to restart again.

Is it possible to program a check if the Name is already the desired Nickname for both Query and Player? when i look at the logs the Query connects as "Bot" so it remembered the last nickname, or smth.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and i hope you can do something about this

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team Posted by Crypto90, at 18:57:40 - May 16, 2021

We will add this. The main issue behind this is, that the teamspeak server does not release the used name fast enough. The bot reconnects to fast and gets the response „nickname already in use“ from the Ts server. We will do some changes here to prevent this on reloads/restarts.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 15:44:24 - May 26, 2021

We have added the query checks to the current BETA release. If possible, start your bot with -beta It now checks if the nickname was connected before and if yes, it uses the same. If the nickname gets „already in use“ because the teamspeak server did not free enough the nickname, it gonna loop and recheck every 5 seconds to get the old name back, so once the teamspeak server freed the query name, it starts using the same name again. This solves the query nickname issue. We should test if this is also an issue in noquery mode, if the nickname of the client also gets this „2“ added if the reload is too fast and the nickname is not freed fast enough by the Ts server. We will finish some other work on the beta currently until it gets pushed to the STABLE version.