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[Discord] Sometimes the bot cannot be stopped.

Hall it's me again,

since a while I observe the phenomenon that the bot, which is connected to a Discord server, can not be stopped cleanly and I can only get it to stop by a kill command. When I try to stop the bot normally, it hangs on that process and some errors appear. I have made a screenshot of these, maybe you can do something with it.



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team Posted by Crypto90, at 02:18:24 - Jun 12, 2021

Is your bot up to date? In the previous version I saw this issue, with the current latest version it should be fixed.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 16:54:31 - Jun 18, 2021

We added a force process kill for the client process (teamspeak and discord) if a sigterm signal did not kill the process sucessfully. Released currently to beta version.