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you tube does not go when I give them the command! yt

gives me this error

[Indirect playback] System IP is temporarly blocked by youtube because of too many requests. Currently are no proxy server available to workaround. Please try again later.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 12:45:32 - Jul 27, 2021

This was an issue on the last weekend. It should be resolved already. Sometimes youtube does extremely block calling ips on high traffic days. Basically youtube does this not that hard like in the last days. We do monitor this and get a list of blocked hosts so we can monitor this. In such a case our proxy solution kicks in, but in the last weekend, all our ips was time blocked too. Right now no host is blocked anymore. Those are always temporarly time bans by ip which is on youtubes side. We do try to work around this as much as we can, but sometimes like the last weekend if youtube sets the ip ban rule too strict, everything gets blocked, in such a case only waiting for the ip ban to resolve helps.