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Chtěl bych poprosit o opravení rádia "Evropa 2"


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team Posted by Crypto90, at 21:18:01 - Oct 13, 2021

we can't repair any radio stations. You have to do this yourself. Go to your radio station and get the latest .pls/.m3u..... radio start file and upload it into your bots radio folder.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 21:28:52 - Oct 13, 2021

I have searched a working stream url for your requested radio station. Its this url: https://21233.live.streamtheworld.com/EVROPA2AAC.aac You can play dis link with your bot or download the .aac file and upload it to your bots radio folder to start it from there. From time to time, radio stations do schange ip adresses or servers or even domains, in some cases its needed to update the radio start file.