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Music Fetched IMG/cover album

Good afternoon.

Sadly, the music bot is fetching ridiculous images/cover albums. From call of duty tournaments till a weird matchbox cartrack. These images have completely nothing to do with the music that's been played. How are they even ending up there in the first place if we don't add them ourselves? 

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team Posted by Crypto90, at 09:09:05 - Jan 11, 2022

The cover management / current cover search meachnism will get reworked completely very very soon.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 09:17:05 - Jan 11, 2022

Relevant report: https://report.ts3musicbot.net/detail/bugs-issues/541 I will close this report, because the relevant one is in our "in progress" roadmap.

team Posted by Crypto90, at 14:55:48 - Feb 3, 2023

Cover artworks will now get extracted from a played music file, if the id3 tag provides an artwork. Its currently available on our beta channel. To get this changes now, start your bot with the additional argument -beta .