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MusicBot spamming that it needs to update

Hello so I have bought this music bot and when I try to update it with the command OR with the panel the bot resets itself as it should but it doesent update and it always spams my TeamSpeak server.

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Posted by pushingchaos, at 10:45:41 - Jun 30, 2022

Here is another picture from the panel

team Posted by Crypto90, at 12:14:23 - Jun 30, 2022

Webbrowser should get downloaded and extracted into /temp/ Make sure it’s writable for the user which is running the bot process. Also check your free disk space. What does the console output show while the update manager runs?

team Posted by Crypto90, at 12:16:32 - Jun 30, 2022

You can also start your bot with: -disable-webbrowser Which disables the webbrowser feature and it does not try to download it anymore.