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Music file information

While the information is automatically fetched from the web, are there quite some interesting "fetches" depending on some of the songs we have uploaded. 

Is there an option to add/change information on music files if the fetch fetched something completely unrelative? if a user would like the music, they could easily look it up with a command to provide more information. Music album, where u can buy/listen to the music and such.

i would see this as a win win

team Posted by Crypto90, at 21:00:43 - Nov 9, 2021

Right now it searches the web for "filename cover" and selects the first one found. We will change this in the near future, to also check if the file has this information embedded. Some mp3 files have an image embedded. We can also implement an feature to edit and customize the informations per file. Right now we finish the rework of the webinterface to modernize it and including bootstrap 5. After we released this, we can look on your request.